1. 1. Always check out the stability of anything this tall - (nearly a thousand feet!) - Auckland Sky Tower
  2. 2. Then look to make sure you don't get hit by anyone bungy jumping off the top!
  3. 3. An elevator with a glass floor. hmmm...
  4. 4. What a view! - looking northeast - Auckland Sky Tower
  5. 5. The university, center, and Parnell Road running up the hill in the background
  6. 6. Phillips Fox building to the east - Auckland Sky Tower
  7. 7. Another view of the harbor to the northeast
  8. 8. The view in 3D! Auckland, New Zealand
  9. 9. The mad scramble to cross the street before the light changes!
  10. 10. glass floor!
  11. 11. One Tree Hill to the southeast
  12. 12. That's Town Hall just to the right of center, looking down Wakefield St. Auckland Domain and the Museum are on top of the hill to the left
  13. 13. The tower casts a long shadow
  14. 14. There she is, standing on the glass floor. As simple as it looks, it still takes your breath away...
  15. 15. Town hall on the far left, Mt Eden on the horizon
  16. 16. Victoria Park in the center, left. Harbor bridge on the right
  17. 17. General view of the harbor to the northwest
  18. 18. zoomed in on the bridge and Westhaven Marina
  19. 19. O'neills Point, center, Stanly point and Stanly bay to the right
  20. 20. Rangitoto Island on the horizon, far right. Devonport and Victoria Mountain across the harbor on the right
  21. 21. On top of the world!
  22. 22. Here we all are!
  23. 23. Probably the coolest job in the world!
  24. 24. In the vacinity of Chancery St and High St. We ate dinner in the square hidden up the walkway along the right hand side of the curved building.
  25. 25. Sky Jump is not really bungy - you ride a wire to the bottom at about 75 kph. They had to throw this poor chap off the platform
  26. 26. You're never far from home no matter where you go...