1. The view from our hotel window. That's Victoria Mountain above Devonport on the far left
2. This building across the street from our hotel turned out to be the High Court of New Zealand
3. New Zealand High Court
4. The High Court Building, Auckland, NZ
5. The entrance to the High Court, Auckland, New Zealand
6. The entrance to the High Court, Auckland, New Zealand in 3D! get out those colored glasses...
7. The University of Auckland
8. The garden clock in Albert Park, Auckland
9. Trees in Albert Park, Auckland
10. Trees in Albert Park, Auckland
11. Fountain in Albert Park, Auckland
12. Albert Park fountain detail...
13. More big trees in Albert Park
14. A monument to Queen Victoria in Albert Park, Auckland
15. Random flowers, probably in Albert Park, Auckland
16. More random flowers, Auckland, NZ
17. Another random flower on the streets of Aucklan, New Zealand
18. Sky Tower from Albert Park
19. The Civic Theater on the corner of Queen St and Wellesley St West, Auckland
20. The obligatory McDonalds picture.
21. It was fun to see advertizing with a little different slant, both in print and televisions
22. Mexican food in New Zealand seems a little risky. We tried it in Australia with disasterous results. Sometimes you get lucky. The best indian food I ever had was in Oslo, Norway!
23. A neat old street in Auckland
24. This building hangs onto its charm in spite of encroachment by less aesthetic architcure.
25. A wisteria in full bloom. A scene like this in October is quite exotic from our northern hemisphere perspecitive!
26. A church on the corner up the street from our hotel - Auckland, New Zealand
27. Dredge driving wheels on waterfront
28. Dredge driving wheels in 3D
29. Info on the dredge (built 1903, taken out of service in 1974)
30. A string of sailboats and the "Nippon Clip-on", so named because ingenious Japanese engineers designed a way to 'clip-on' two more lanes onto each side of the bridge 10 years after the original design, completed in 1959, became too crowded.
31. The Sky Tower reflected in the Phillips Fox building, Auckland
32. Reflection of the sky tower - Let's go up there!