1. The Cow - we were hungry when we arrived. Best pizza we had on the entire trip!
2. Inside the cow - we were cold and the fire was wonderful!
3. Queenstown has spectcular views right from downtown
4. Skyline gondola in Queenstown is almost an elevator!
5. Queenstown from the top of the Skyline Gondola - What a view!
6. Queenstown gondola
7. Never get tired of the view - Queenstown, New Zealand
8. The view of Fernhill to the Southwest - Skyline Gondola, Queenstown, NZ
9. Far left - Bayonet Peaks, Collins Bay; Center - Cecil Peak; Far Right - Walter Peak
10. Queenstown NZ CBD - Yellow busses are on Earl St. Dock protrudes into bay where Reese St. jogs into Marine Parade
11. How much fun is that? Parasailing over Queenstown, New Zealand
12. The view to the north
13. Red tussock grass and the luge track
14. Red tussock grass and the luge track. It had been raining all day so the track was closed. We were a little disappointed...
15. We were there!
16. So were my mom and dad!
17. Finally, The Remarkables peek out from behind the clouds - Queenstown, New Zealand
18. An old cemetary at the bottom of the hill - Queenstown, NZ
19. A small creek running through town - Queenstown, NZ