1. All ready to cruise the Milford Sound
2. don't be fooled - blue skies and puffy clouds do not necessarily mean warm and calm!
3. Bowen Falls - Milford Sound - New Zealand
4. Bowen Falls - Milford Sound - New Zealand
5. OK, so I take too many pictures of Waterfalls... (Bowen Falls - Milford Sound - New Zealand)
6. Rugged mountains flanking Milford Sound
7. Sterling Falls - Milford Sound - New Zealand
8. The main stream of this waterfall only reaches the sound occasionally. I've seen pictures of this waterfall with a huge volume of water being blown right back up the face of the cliff!
9. Just for perspective...
10. The Tasman Sea - the mist from poinding waves was rising a hundred feet into the air...
11. The Tasman Sea at the mouth of Milford Sound, New Zealand
12. Turning around and heading back in - Captain Cook missed the mark on this one, thinking it was only a minor bay.
13. A little windy, wouldn't you say?
14. That's one of those big catamaran cruise ships about a quarter of the way across from the left
15. We were lucky to have a sunny day - Milford Sound receives about 23 FEET of rain per year (276 inches)
16. We were told that during a rain storm the walls of the fjord are curtains of waterfalls.
17. Seals sunning themselves on a large rock
18. Stirling Falls - Deep shadows are a photographic challenge
21. ok, so I take too many pictures of waterfalls...
23. Lush foliage extends all the way to the water's edge when there are crevices enough to hang onto
24. Returning to Bowen Falls - brace yourselves - more waterfall pictures ahead...
28. Our boat safely docked again.