1. The further we go the more striking the scenery becomes
2. Most impressive despite the reflections on the bus window...
4. A classic "U" shaped glacial valley
5. Swirling clouds only reveal their secrets grudgingly...
6. We're almost there now... A quick break before entering the nearly 1 mile long Homer Tunnel.
7. I couldn't resist. A big rock like that in the middle of a parking lot is just asking to be climbed.
8. Steve, Darlene and Debbie
9. The Kea is an alpine parrot. It is very curious and quite bright. It's best not to encourage them...
10. The switchbacks down toward the Sound.
11. Another classic glacial valley
12. Just a few waterfalls today. Apparently this hillside is quite spectacular in a big rainstorm.
14. Giant tree ferns fill the lush rain forests
15. A wild berry. Our bus driver guessed they might be Snow Totara, but the leaves don't look quite right to me...
16. Pockets worn in the rocks by the rushing water
17. Rainforest
18. Ok, on to Milford sound...