1. Freshwater Station, looking much as it probably has for a hundred years or so
2. phone home...
3. wash up...
4. waiting for the train
5. oh, maybe it's coming from this direction...
6. We were given the impression that Red Lynch didn't have the greatest reputation amongst the workers
7. Mr. Lynch's boots (just guessing here...)
8. A look at the ceiling of the cottage
9. Kookaburra design in glass - door to Red Lynch cottage
10. The switchboard
11. The Train! The Train! (oh, wait... plane? uh, ... oh, never mind)
12. The engines are all painted up in an aboriginal style
13. and away we go!
16. Approaching the first tunnel
19. This was the dry season, so waterfalls were mere trickles...
21. Looking back to Cairns and the ocean
22. Barron Falls - 265 meter drop. We could only see the top portion. It was pretty spectacular even in the dry season
24. Arrival in Kuranda
25. The engines preparing for the return trip
26. ok, let's check out the town...