These panoramas consist of 3 to 12 individual photos that have been 'stitched' using automated software. Someday when time permits clean them up. Your browser may try to resize these to fit on the screen. Hold your mouse over the lower right corner of the image and see if an expansion box appears..

1. Helsinki, Uspenski Cathedral on the right
2. Sony Center, Berlin
3. Castle Church, Wittenburg (Schlosskirche)
4. Cathedral Square, Helsinki
5. Hill of the Crosses, Lithuania (Kryz­iu Kalna)
6. Uspenski Cathedral and the back harbor, Helsinki
7. The view from St. Peter's - Riga, Latvia
8. The Church of the Rock (Temppeliaukio kirkko), Helsinki, Finland
9. Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki
10. Elbe riverfront, Dresden, Germany
11. Wilamette riverfront, Portland, Oregon (just for perspective)