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Kazimirez District, Wawel,

Day 1 (July 1)
  • Kazimirez District - The Kazimirez District dates from the 14th century and for many centuries was a place where Jewish and Polish cultures existed side by side. Of course, in 1941 that all changed.
  • Wawel is Kraków's castle on the hill (every town has one, you know...) The hill was once inhabited by a dragon that was killed by Krakus. The deed was accomplished by feeding the dragon dead sheep filled with sulfur. But, I digress... The place is very important in Polish history, what with Krakow being the capital of Poland from the 11th to 16th centuries. Archeologists have identified components in current buildings that date to the 9th century.
  • Central Square - Rynek Główny is Kraków's historic center is another UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • St Catherine's - great acoustic space. Our concert there was well received.

Day 2

  • wanderings... While some of the group took a bus tour, we opted to hang out in Krakow. We wandered with some intensity until it became obvious it was going to rain. After a quick climb to the top of the town hall tower we decided to visit Podziemia Rynku, the underground Market Square museum. Two things - the museum is VERY popular. Get your tickets early. Secondly, it's VERY dark in the museum. I didn't even bother carrying my camera. HOWEVER, the museum is not to be missed. It is amazing and spectacular. Anyway, we sat on the sidewalk for the better part of an hour taking pictures of people walking in the rain. It was a great day. We ended the day with an evening concert of Chopin in the Bonerowski palace just off the central square performed by pianist Dobróchna Krówka . A fitting close to a rather spectacular day.

Travel from Krakow to Prague - 5 miserable pictures out the bus window...

keywords: Kazimirez, Krakow, Rynek Underground, Wawel, Town Square, St Catherine's, Krakus, Chopin, Town Hall Tower, Bonerowski Palace

to Prague...


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