It's hard to know where to go with this one. Goldwell is, for lack of a better explanation, a suburb of Rhyolite which is itself a ghost town. It is an open air sculpture park with a number of rather significant pieces on display. Given its location, it's hard to know whether to take it seriously or not. But, then, given its location (only slightly less remote than Death Valley itself) it's obvious somebody is serious about what's going on here. A while back I wrote a piece on the relevancy of classical music - "Is Classical Music Irrelevant?" - in which I attempt to explain the role contemporary classical music plays in the development of music in terms of an experimental laboratory from which future popular trends may emerge. Goldwell is an art laboratory - people trying things, throwing them up on the wall, if you will, to see what sticks. It definitely stirs you - I'll bet you can't walk away without an opinion!