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Grand Canyon Tour - Day 1

Up early, hit the road before dawn. Anticipation high.

These are the chronicles of a road trip/bucket-list hike, March, 2014.

We started out by hitting some of Oregon's lesser known natural wonders. Places like Hole in the Ground, Crack in the Ground, and the nearly completely unknown Doughnut Mountain.

Hole in the ground is an explosion crater nearly a mile across - a little bit smaller but more clearly defined than the larger 'Big Hole' five miles to the west. Explosion craters happen when magma deep in the earth wells up to the point that it super-heats the water table until it flashes to steam, forcing everything above to 'pop off' and fly around the region in a huge explosion. I'd like to see one someday (from a long way away).

We drove past Ft Rock and took a few pictures. Crack in the Ground is a perennial favorite. About a mile long, the crack is 70 feet deep in places. It's a lot of fun. This was my second visit. I'm guessing I'll probably see it a time or two more in my life.

Doughnut Mountain. Why? Because it's there. That's about all I can say about it.

Albert Lake was beautiful. The green on the rim rock was a bit of a surprise.

Dinner at Dinner Bell Cafe in Lakeview- quite nice. I'd do that again.

Day 1 pictures

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