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Grand Canyon Tour - Day 5 & 6

For our first full day in the canyon, we decided to take only essential equipment (no tripods or extra cameras) and explore the area to understand where we might spend more time the next day with a full accompaniment of photographic equipment. The next day we concentrated on the opportunities we identified the first day. I broke the pictures up into groups relating to each general area where we spent the most time.

Most is pretty self-explanatory. The Mooney Falls Trails does deserve a little additional commentary. I had read about some of the challenges of the trail from Supai on down to the Colorado River. On some maps the trail stops just past Mooney Falls. One trail commentary suggested the trail is difficult and poorly maintained with multiple stream crossings. The passage around Mooney Falls is generally described as a series of steps with chains for handholds and a couple of ladders. What I found is far more remarkable and infinitely more dangerous than anything I have seen described. I documented our ascent up nearly vertical pitches, hanging chains and spikes into the rocks, toe-holds polished smooth by countless climbers. The lower sections are damp with spray from the falls and covered with sand grit carried up from the beach below. To top it all off, there are two tunnels to navigate, and the trail is a two way affair - you can't really see far enough to know whether someone else is attempting the passage in the opposite direction.

Havasu Falls in Arizona

Here's an interesting article about the origins of the Mooney Falls passage.

Navajo Falls, first stop in the morning

Passing Navajo falls to the top of Havasu falls

Mooney Falls

The Mooney Falls Trail

Havasu Falls.

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