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Voice Mail Messages from Horizon Air

Message #1 --  a follow-up to my original call:

Hi Terry, this is (Customer Service Agent #1) from Horizon Air.  I did the best I could, and I can not come up with any solution for that schedule change.   There are no other planes.  They made the schedule change, and they have to stick with it and that other flight is only thing that they put you on, the one at, oh, I’m not sure what time they put you on, but anyway, that’s the schedule change they came up with.  There just weren’t any seats available.  I really wish I could help you and change any of this, but the flights are gone.  I checked other flights going out of Portland, and there’s just no other way that we can do anything to help.  I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you in person.  If you need to talk with me again, please give me a call.

Message #2 -- a follow up to a subsequent call to (Customer Service Agent #1)'s supervisor:

Hi Mr. Blackburn, (Customer Service Agent #1’s supervisor) calling from Horizon Airlines.  I got your message that you called yesterday.   Unfortunately, our office was closed for some emergency situations, um, I was here, in and out quite a bit but was unable to get back with you.  Um, the situation is, Mr. Blackburn, that, you know, I know that you have called United and left me a message saying that they have space.  Um, our obligation with the schedule change is to rebook you, as I said, on Horizon Air on the next available flight, which we have done.  We will not be making a reservation for you on United, um, or transferring you on to United Airlines.  With the schedule change, we are not obligated to do that in any way, as we had discussed before, but put you on the next available Horizon Air scheduled flight that had seats available.  I would suggest that you could either have your tickets, like I said, refunded 100% without penalty, and we can do that for you.  And if United is a better situation you may want to go ahead and keep that reservation.  But unfortunately, that is the only thing that we can do, we are not obligated to put you on another carrier.  I will be in and out of the office most of the day today, um and then I will be gone between now and the 25th of November.  But, as the situation stands, we are unable to do that.  Thanks so much, and have a Great Day!

This message was enough to prompt me to write a letter to the president of Horizon Air.  If I receive a reply, I will post it here.  To me, the reply above is an insult to anyone who pays good money for holiday travel.

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