Creating a Panorama

After the Hillsboro Airshow of 2011, I had the opportunity to shoot a spherical panorama of the Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum's collection before the planes were put away, back in the hanger. The hanger crew did a great job of arranging the planes for the photo. The stairs were brought in from another location, and I was in business!

Here is the final result -

Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum collection Hillsboro Oregon in USA

Click HERE to see a preliminary version before I Photoshopped out the stairs

The layout is starting to take shape. The stairs are in place and cranked up to maximum height.

Doug, the museum's director, surveys the shot and gives his final approval. The trickiest part of the
entire project for me was waiting for the stairs to quit swaying between shots!

I took this 3D shot while I was waiting for the guys to move the planes around. Here come the stairs
on the right!