Howdee Doodee, RockDog fans!

Well, summer is settling in nicely and half my teeth have fallen out.  I got the last of my shots just the other day.  That doesn't seem to be a big deal.  I'll bet it'd be a lot more interesting if we'd just 'accidentally' walk into the cat waiting room!  I gotta try that sometime!

I'm taking my people on longer and longer walks.  They really seem to enjoy it after a hard day at work.  You know, if you're ever walking in my neighborhood, I'd like to meet you.  You will recognize me easily because I almost always have a pinecone in my mouth.  I prefer ponderosa pinecones because they're the hardest and stiffest, but even the little japanese pine and shore pine cones are OK.  Spruce cones are far too mushy.  I bit into one of them the other day, and it stuck to my tooth and the roof of my mouth.  That was fun, I'll tell you.  There I am, standing on my head with one paw in my mouth trying to get this attacking pinecone out.  It was embarrassing...

On weekends we go downtown to Saturday Market where thousands of my fans gather to stand in line and pet me.  It's really quite wonderful.  We ride down on the train, and I sleep all the way home.  There are other dogs there, but I am by far the most attractive.  Sometimes I sit down and just admire all the hundreds of arms and legs that I could chew on.  It's like for a brief moment I don't need to bite and chew because the supply is so limitless.  There's no possible way I could sample every one!

I was all signed up to go to dog obedience school this week.  But when they heard I was coming they canceled the class!  Now, wait a minute.  Sure, I'm a little energetic, but I really could learn to behave if you'd just give me a chance.  I guess I'll just sign up for another one.  Eventually, somebody will have to take me!

Well,  anyway, lots of pictures this time.  Enjoy!


I am going to eat your toes!
I'll huff and I'll puff...No, I mean I'll chew and I'll chew and I'll chew your house down!

Now, I could be a gentleman dog...
I could even shake your hand...   NAHHH!

Oooohhh!  I can't believe I swallowed that whole pinecone...
Hey - you talkin'bout me?

I'm really getting tired of this...  The ball is right here.   Come and get it.


These images were captured from video using Snappy!

I'm a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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