Hey, Hey, Hey!  It's Rocky time once again!

Well, I guess I spoke too soon.  Summer came and went.  It's been rain and clouds again for the past two weeks.  Oh, well...  at least no more sunburn.  I look forward to my daily walks with more and more enthusiasm.  Do you have any idea how much fun it is to bound through the neighbors ivy?  I think I mentioned the joy of ivy once before, but that was when I was just a little puppy and didn't fully understand all the fun there is to be had!  For some reason my people aren't nearly as amused.  They get real nervous, start looking around, and quick pull me out before I've had nearly all the fun I was intending.

I was out surfing on the internet the other afternoon here in my doghouse, and much to my total amazement I found a picture of my Grandpa.  He's some good lookin' dog!  He lives in England, so we don't visit often.  I think I'll try to find other family members as well.  As long as we're talking about heritage here,  I thought I'd include a picture of the Granddaddy of all Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Gentleman Jim.  He was a champion back 50 years ago or so.

I hate tennis balls.  That fuzzy stuff feels gross on my tongue.  Actually, I don't like any ball that might have 'fetch' implications.  I just stay away from them.  I do like that big blue ball I showed you a few weeks ago.  That is the best thing I've ever owned.  I like it so much, in fact, that I completely re-arranged my run the other day just so we could play.  First, I put all my other toys in one corner.  Then I turned my doghouse sideways and pushed it all the way down to the end where I stacked the other toys.  Then me and the big blue ball just had at it.  I won!  Then I laid down and took a long nap.  What fun!

Oh, I lost another tooth last night.  It was the longest, sharpest tooth I had left on top.  I was so disappointed.  It happened while I was playing with one of my pet people.  I don't know what came over me, I just lunged at him and bit his arm.  He was none too pleased, so I quick let go, and there that tooth was dangling in my mouth.  Then that crazy person just reached his hand right in my mouth and pulled the tooth out!  It was sort of messy, but he gave me a bowl full of ice cubes to eat, and that was wonderful.  It stopped the bleeding really quick and made the rest of my sore mouth feel much better.  I stuck the tooth in my scanner so you can see what it looks like.

This week I decided to include a picture album of one of the things I do best.  Can you guess?  It's chewing, of course!  I will chew on anything, So, look out!   Until next time...


Grandpa Rogue!  I want to be just like him someday...
This is Gentleman Jim.

Here's my tooth...  Wasn't it a beauty?
I'm on the * top of the world...

Ahhhhh, yes....
Oooooh,  mmmmmm


I know this looks bad, but I'm not playing fetch!

These images were captured from video using Snappy!

I'm a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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