Adventure - That's my game, that's my life!  This week's adventure was the proverbial day late, but I still had fun.  One quiet Friday evening about 50 people showed up in the neighbor's backyard.  I peeked through a knothole in the fence to see three, yes, count them, three barbecue grills all fired up and cooking what smelled to be a grand feast.  There were tables with white tablecloths on them, bottles of wine, and talk of a wedding or something, whatever that is.  Anyway, all these people just a few feet away, and none of them aware of what a special and clever dog was just the other side of the fence.  I decided if they couldn't see me, at least they'd hear from me!  I went and found my big blue ball.  Now, my pet people have this knack for deciding when I'm having way too much fun, and they very quickly brought me into the house for the rest of the evening.  The smell next door was almost more than I could take.  My people are vegetarian, and that's OK with me, but the stuff they cook just doesn't have the same appeal to me as what was going on next door.  Well, my fun was over for the evening but I certainly wasn't soon to forget all the excitement of the evening.

First thing Saturday morning I made it my first priority to get a closer look to see if possibly there were some food scraps left lying about.  As I walked along the fence, I just gave each board a little nudge.  Suddenly, to my great surprise, one board swung out and there I was, standing in the open door of opportunity.  The most amazing thing to me is how these pet people know everything I'm up to?  No sooner had I emerged on the other side of the fence when people came from all directions trying to catch me.  Boy, I gave them a run for their money!  What a blast!  No food scraps to be found, but lots of tables and chair legs to run through before I gave up and went back home.

Hey, all you fellow doggies out there, look out if your people start spraying liquid and rubbing rags and squeegees on glass doors.  What happens is the glass, which is usually just sort of translucent and smeary, suddenly disappears.  I just came loping across the yard like I usually do, gave a sprightly hop, and SMASH! Man, my nose tingled for 20 minutes.  So, beware... My solution was to rub my nose back and forth the entire length of the door right at eye level, restoring at least some of the visibility back to the door.  My nose is just fine now.  Thanks for your concern.

Have you ever tried to walk on water?  I'll tell you right up front that it can't be done.  But, I tried, just to be sure.  We have this spiffy new pond out in the front yard.  One of my pet people spent a whole week building it.  It's really a most convenient place to get a big drink after a long walk.  So, I was cooling my chops after another vigorous romp around the neighborhood, when I decided the water looked a little fresher a little farther out.  I took a step out onto the water and down I went. Fortunately, I'm lots longer than I am tall, because my chest smacked the rock my front feet had been on, and I got my face wet and soaked my front paws up to my armpits, but I didn't go all the way to the bottom of the watery depths, two feet below.  Whew, that was a close call.  From now on I'll stay closer to dry land.

OK, pictures - I went to visit Aunt Fergie again this weekend.  We had the usual grand time.  After greeting formalities were dispensed with we ran like crazy dogs until we couldn't stand it, then went and cooled off under the deck.  Enjoy!

Can you believe it? A white picket fence!  What style!
Initial greetings...
OK, that's out of the way...
My first watercolor - all the thrill and fluid motion of a Rembrandt, don't you think?  Numbered and signed prints are available - just call my 800 number!
So, where we goin', anyway?
OK, kiddo's, using y = mx+b, what is the slope of a line tangent to x = sin(y) where y = 3.5?
Do I look as smart as I feel?

These images were captured from video using Snappy!

I'm a Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Fergie is a Boston Terrier

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