Well, what can I say?  It's been a few slow weeks.  Nothing too much exciting going on.  It's cooling off a little and raining every now and then.  That's the pits.  As you may recall, I don't like wet grass one single bit.  I've been tip-toeing around the yard the last couple of days.

I ate one of my pet people's work ID badge.  That didn't go over too good.  I probably shouldn't do that again.  I ate his bicycle train pass as well.  It was lots softer and easier to chew than the ID badge.  If you look closely at the picture below you can see the brand new orange one year train pass.  I like to ride on the train.  We go to Saturday market on the train.  Probably won't go there again soon either.

I am becoming so cultured I amaze myself.  I can sit and listen to 15 straight repeated performances of 'Benedictus' from Saint-Saëns Christmas Oratorio and actually enjoy it.  In fact, most of the time I just lay down on the floor and fall asleep right in the middle of rehearsal. I like to sing too, but lately I save it for private concerts from my condo in the backyard.

A couple of small items I've learned recently -

  1. Don't eat raw potatoes
  2. Lemons and Limes don't taste that good, even if your pet people enjoy them.
I am a careful student of the things my pet people eat.  Usually, they're pretty much on track.  But these two items, whew, I don't know what happened to their usually good taste.  I spotted my opening the other morning.  The pantry door was left open a crack and I snuck in and grabbed a potato without so much as an eyebrow raised.  I took it out into the family room and started munching on it.  After a couple of bites, I realized this wasn't for me.  So, I just sort of shredded it and left the little potato bits all over the carpet.  A few minutes later, somebody noticed and picked up the whole mess.  That was fine, because my little tummy was beginning to churn by then and I just wanted to lay down.  Pretty soon, the whole works came up.  My advice - don't eat potatoes.

I was observing one of my pet people drinking a glass of water with a little bit of something floating in the glass.  It looked kind of cool, and I started to think something like that to freshen my water dish might be in order.  I just asked if I could sniff at it, so he held it down for me to get a good whiff.  The smell wasn't too bad, so I took a gentle lick.  BAM!  What was that?!  My goodness, I've never been hit with such a shocking taste sensation in my whole life!  I couldn't believe it.  After I recovered my composure, I just couldn't imagine anything could be so bad, so I tried it again!  Wow!  The same thing again!   I jumped back again and  couldn't think of anything to do but bark at that infernal piece of lime.  That stuff is AWFUL!  I had an opportunity to try it again a day or two later.  I think I'll stick with my first impression.  That stuff is only good to bark at!

OK, so I'm learning to play fetch.  There.  I admit it.  But then, any game that involves treats can't really be considered play.  It's pay for work, right?  And I don't really enjoy it.  I just do it because I get paid, basically.  So, remember that when you look at this week's pictures.



Here's the ID badge I ate.  You know, he wasn't smiling like that when he pulled it out of my mouth.
 I run and get the ball...
 Then I chew on the ball for a while...
 If you want the ball, you come get it.

 Have I told you I'm really quick?
 Ah, so!

so, tell me something I don't already know...
This is that pond I fell into the other day...

I have roses in the backyard too, but I keep them chewed back so they don't get those foofy red things on them.  They attract bees, and bees are dangerous.
I don't have any idea how this picture got in here...

These images were captured from video using Snappy!

I'm a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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