Wow!  These holidays are something!  We finally got rid of that tree in the front room.  That was a really strange deal.  As soon as the tree went, the birthdays started up.  We had two birthday parties within a week of each other.  It was so much fun.  My pet lady turned 329 (in doggie years, of course!).  She doesn't look a day over 175, really!  They really made a mess of the dining room for her party.  There were these things that made loud noises and shot streamers all around the room.  The smoke made me sneeze.  They made a big fuss over her cake, but nobody would give me any.  Michael turned 126, and he had LOTS of friends over.  It was more fun than any dog should be allowed to have!  I discovered I really like potato chips, but nobody would give me any of them, either.  I heard some about that Y2k thing too, but  it didn't amount to too much here.  I think it was just a bunch of hype.  (My pet man gets all upset when I tease him about it like that!  Read what he has to say about it here.  He's so serious! sheesh!)

Just before Christmas I went to visit my Aunt Fergie.  We had the usual blast - running wild on 25 acres of forest and meadow.  It was cold and frosty.  The people were talking about snow, but I never saw any.  Anyway, all the pet people were huddled around the wood stove in the house when I went exploring.  The house has decking all around it.  I found a little hole and decided to have a peek at what was under there.  Pretty soon I couldn't remember where I got in at, and there wasn't much space.  After a while I heard my people calling.  I tried to let them know where I was, but they kept running off up the hill, down the hill, around the house.  I finally started to cry.  Then they found me, trapped under the deck.  There weren't any holes big enough for me to crawl out of, so they brought out this thing called an electric screwdriver.  It made a terrible noise, but pretty soon the boards on the deck opened up and I scrambled out and into their waiting arms.  I was a little embarrassed.

My Aunt Fergie gave me a little of the scoop on this Christmas thing.  Apparently there were these sheep out in the field keeping watch over their people one night.  Then these flying sheep came down out of the sky and told them to get their people in out of the cold.  When they got to the barn the pet people of this donkey had a baby and animals from all over the world came to see it.  There were camels and everything.  I would have loved to have seen that.  A pet boy of one of the animals played a drum.  It was all quite touching, from what Aunt Fergie said.  I'm not sure I understand all the significance of the whole thing, but maybe I will when I get a little older.

I got some more fan mail!  I LOVE fan mail.  This one is from England!  Here, check it out...

Hi Rocky

Your a Babe, My names William and I'm typing you an email from Birmingham in England - Just checked out your Web Site, It's cool - your such a handsome staffy!

I've got a beautiful staffy called Jack, He looks a bit like you!  We've always loved staffys and they've been in the family for years, we would never get another breed.  Such a nice natured, loving so much to offer you (Always got time for you) Breed. 

You must have very nice owners as they have spent so much time on your web site making it so good, Your a lucky Boy! 

A friend of mine has just got a new digital camera so I will have to take some pictures of my special Boy (Jack) and send them to you, I'm sure you two would get on very well! 

What's it like living in America?  I've never been but I will go one day!  Maybe I could bring Jack and meet you one day!

I got Jack from a breeder in Stafford, He's Grandad was a Champion, We've never shown him but I reckon you both should, You'd be the most adored Champion Staffys in the Universe!!!!!! 

Anyway I must go now - I enjoyed reading about you and looking at your beautiful face!

Take Care Rocky - Write to me if you like

Jack & Will

Isn't that cool?!  I hope he does send some pictures.  If he does, I'll post them on my page so you can see him.  I have an atlas out in my dog house, so I looked it up.  England is a LONG ways away. Several of my grand-dogs were English champions, too, so Jack must be a real beauty!   I'm still not so sure about the show dog thing, though.  I'm still far too fond of the wild life to give in to mildly walking around a ring while people gawk at me.  I'd rather be racing from one end of the arena to the other, jumping and barking at everything that moves.  We'll see.  I have plenty of time to decide...

OK! Now it's time for small talk.  I know, I'm supposed to do that first, but I forgot.  It's been cold and rainy here.  And I saw my first snow the other day.  It tastes just like ice cubes, only softer.  I've got my first birthday coming up in a couple of weeks here, so I'm expecting a big party (hint, hint).  Let's see, what else...  The pictures this time are from the one sunny day we had in January, and the birthday parties.  Oh, and don't be fooled.  I wasn't just running loose in the front yard.  My pet people think it's funny to take the pictures and erase my tether.  They gotta get a life.  Ok, that's about it.  Come again!  Until then,



What is that bright shiny thing in the sky?

I'm sure I saw the moon up there somewhere!

I wouldn't miss a party for the world!
Why don't they come and play that game in my room?

I may as well make myself comfortable.
Listen - if you guys are going to party in the living room, I'm going to sleep on the sofa, whether I'm s'posed to or not!

I'm a Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Fergie is a Boston Terrier

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