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Special Features!

Here are images collected across the entire span of the journey reflecting a single subject.

3D images - A hobby that has fascinated me since grade school. Rather than trying to teach you to stare off in the distance while looking cross-eyed at two pictures, I've converted these to anaglyphs that only require a pair of those funky glasseswith the red filter for the left eye and a blue one over the right eye. If you're color blind or one of those with limited depth perception, you just might be out of luck.

Birds - We saw a lot of different birds on this trip. Here they are, all pulled together into a single collection

Cityscapes - Every city has its unique skyline. On this trip we really visited three truly metropolitan areas - Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne. I included a shot of Queenstown just because it's my ideal of what a cityscape SHOULD be!

The Really Good Pictures - amongst this collection of snapshots are a few that I'm really happy about. These are the ones I framed for my office wall..

In Summary - Would I do it again?

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