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Besides my degree in Music Theory, I have a minor in Industrial Technology with emphasis in graphic arts and photography. I specialize in photomacrography and stereo photography, concentrating on nature and scenics for the most part.

Over the years my photographic capabilities have changed dramatically. The 'Original Galleries' below are taken from scanned slides with the earliest images going back to my first SLR - a Yashika TL-Electro-X that I got as a high school graduation present in 1976. Many years later I supplemented that camera with an Olympus XA. My last film camera was a Canon A1 that I used briefely between 1997 and 2002.

My first digital, representing all the images in the Finland-Germany collection, was a Canon A70. I now use a Canon 20D. I have not taken the time to arrange a collection of my more recent work beyond the following galleries mostly associated with international travel.

Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany
New Zealand and Australia

Original Galleries
The North Wing

The West Promenade   The Main Hall    The East Portico
The South Corridor   South Annex

The Solarium
Childcare Center (free childcare while you browse the galleries)
Clock Tower Loge Main Balcony "Snapshot Gallery"

My sister is a photographer as well - view her work as a PBase artist - Debbie Blackburn Beierle

Skybridge to 3D Gallery

More recent collections
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