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Upcoming Events (and echos of past glory!)

- World Premier -
Summoned By the Tides
Duo for Soprano and Flute
Performed in Master's Recital
Lindsey Cafferky, Soprano
Greg McMahon, Flute
I'm a little behind in keeping this page up to date, what with travel, photographic assignments, my duties as president of my local Rotary club, writing a book on 3D photography and, oh, yes, work.. Recently the Three Pentatonic Hymns were performed on Public Television in Walla Walla, Wa. I have also completed an arrangement of the hymn tune "Goshen" for strings, scheduled for performance somtime in early 2007. I have been spending time getting things in shape for broader distribution. Some things are now available (including the family cookbook my wife wrote) at Lulu. Expect further refinement of that web page in the near future.
The Great Lewis and Clark Extravaganza of 1905
Paddle Your Own Canoe

Apr. 9,10,16,17 - 2005
A musical comedy performed by the Oregon Chorale. Original stage play by best-selling author Linda Needham, music arranged by Terry Blackburn. This musical celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Exposition and Oriental Fair held in Portland, Oregon, in 1905
Regatta Concert
-August 12, 2004-
The Oregon Chorale at the Liberty Theater, Astoria, Oregon

Resident Conductors:
Kristine Peterson
Terry Blackburn
Cindy Uecker
Washington County Chorale
Ralph Vaughan-Williams
Dona Nobis Pacem
Baritone Soloist
Terry Blackburn
June 9 & 10, 2001
- World Premier -

Hobo's Meditation

arranged for double mixed quartet
performed at

The Great Train Concert

Washington County Chorale
March 10 & 11, 2001
- Debut! -
My debut performance as baritone soloist in a major work
with orchestra
June 11, 2000
Calvin Presbyterian, Tigard
with the Washington County Chorale
and the very lovely Ms. Launa Rae Mathews as soprano soloist
- Premier Performance -
The Star Spangled Banner
arranged for English Handbells and performed by
- Ring of Fire -
The Rose Garden
Portland, Oregon
April 2, 2000
Portland Trailblazers vs. Seattle SuperSonics
Print your own copy of the music!
The Star Spangled Banner - ssb.pdf - (50k)
European Premier!
Three Pentatonic Hymns
for String Orchestra
Cantabile - On Tour
Austria - Vienna, Melk, and Spittal
Switzerland - Geneva, Thun, and Unterseen
Italy - Trieste and Florence
June 14 - 28, 1999
World Premier!
Butterflies in the Grass
Century High school Treblemakers
May 26, 1999

Hi!  This is my music page.  I am semi-serious about music.  My college career resulted in a degree in Music Theory.  So, you ask, what does one do with a degree in music theory?  That is a very good question.  So, I have set about trying to figure out the answer.  In the process, I (in no particular order...)

  • played principal Tuba with a symphonic band for 2 seasons.
  • served as organist for services at Methodist, Congregational, Lutheran, Adventist, Christian and Christian Science churches.
  • studied flute, oboe, accordion, piano, organ, viola and voice with actual professional musicians.
  • extensively collected recorded music of such masters as Messian, Bartok, Vanilla Ice, Beethoven, Schutz, Three Dog Night, Rimsky-Korsakov, Brubeck, Verdi, Bach, Wagner, Led Zepplin, Schoenberg and Mozart.
  • received numerous rejections from various publishers (well, one to be exact, but more are planned).
  • played last chair viola for several seasons with the the Walla Walla Symphony , which is the oldest continuous symphony west of the Mississippi.
  • attended the 50th anniversary concert of the Westwood Wind Ensemble
  • retired from playing weddings (don't even ask.  I won't do it.)
  • been denied permission to arrange music by the Hal Leonard company. (Bookmark this site - as soon as the music from the movie Titanic hits the public domain, sometime after 2070 or so,  I will release a 'killer' arrangement of the movie score for Handbells!)
  • performed the Brahms 'Requiem' three times - twice in the choir and once in the orchestra (last chair viola, again).  My dream?  One more time as baritone soloist.
  • composed , transcribed , and arranged a whole pile of music just for the fun of it.
  • toured Scandinavia and the Baltics on concert tour with the Oregon Chorale .
  • worked as music director for a non-commercial classical radio station.
  • studied alternate temperaments
  • performed in the inaugural concert of the Northwest Chorale.
  • interviewed Alan Hovhaness for a radio broadcast.
  • had the extreme pleasure of hearing the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Academy of Music perform Hindemith 'Mathis der Mahler' and Stravinsky 'Firebird', Wolfgang Sawallisch conducting.
  • ran the tape deck in 2 concert performances of Alan Hovhaness' "And God Created Great Whales" with Mr. Hovhaness in attendance.
  • had my music performed in front of crowds exceeding 20,000 people!
  • sat in the front row at a Ray Charles concert.
  • been commissioned to write music for string orchestra.
  • at the Hollywood Bowl I heard Pink Martini with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Thomas Wilkins cond. - guests included Carol Channing and Henri Salvador
  • Heard the Iceland Symphony with Vladimir Ashkenazi play Tchaikowsky's 4th, Elgar's Cello Concerto with Bryndis Halla Gylfadottir, and a world premeir of a work by an Icelandic composer.
  • heard Peter Serkin play Brahms Piano Concerto #1
  • heard Leonard Rose play a Bach un-accompanied 'cello suite live.
  • had people pay good money to hear an orchestra play a piece that I wrote.
  • earned less than $3,000 in 30 years as a musician.
  • I have collected many music related things, including this copy of "Bugle Signals, Calls & Marches" by Captain Daniel J. Canty, publised in 1917.
  • contemplated creating my own music publishing company
  • spent way more than that perfecting my craft.
  • enjoyed every minute of it!
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