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While I am not a web developer per se, my job does occasionally require me to delve into some of the aspects of web development and management. I frequently evaluate tools and techniques necessary to manage and maintain a large web site. This current version of my web site has been ported over from a completely manually developed site using simple tools such as Netscape Composer.

This version was imported into macromedia's Dreamweaver 2004 tool and with the application of one simple template the entire site was reborn. Now, it wasn't necessarily that simple - many hours were required to convert from hard-coded to relative links. Formatting the old text into the template was a bit of a challenge until I learned a few tricks. Yes, I know I'm using the base template, but it's nice, functional, and I'm learning a lot!

The web site I manage at work is a database driven collection of nearly 2,000 documents. The site runs on an IBM i5 and is written in net.Data, a cross platform macro language with hooks into the i5's DB2 database and access to native i5 application programs. The web front-ends to these applications are developed using standard html development tools that execute net.Data macro routines.

That's why this site is here...

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