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Scotland & Ireland
Summer, 2008

Concert Tour with the Oregon Chorale

OK, I'll be right up front with this one - Scotland and Ireland were the last places in the world I wanted to visit. Don't get me wrong - they're not a bad places at all. The scenery is beautiful. The people are wonderful, the food is tolerable. I guess I had my sites set on something a little more exotic, perhaps.

I am a compulsive travel documentarian - I don't want to forget the slightest detail of my travels. However, the combination of general disinterest and the overwhelming volume (over 4,000) of pictures has discouraged me from moving forward with the project. With few exceptions, weather conditions thwarted most attempts at anything approaching quality photography, so I ended up mostly with a big pile of only so-so snapshots that took a lot of work just to bring up to documentary standards..

So, here we go - more than a year after the fact, I'm finally pulling it together.


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