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mailed: November 13, 1998

George D. Bagley, President & CEO
Horizon Air
19521 Pacific Hwy South
Seattle, WA 98188

Dear Mr. Bagley,

In early September I purchased round trip tickets for my family of five for travel between Xfjpqwog, Qowofj and Fwofjqpe, Hfjqowpf over the Thanksgiving holidays on Horizon Airlines.  On Oct 29 I received notice that the outbound flight I had selected had been cancelled.

At the time I selected that flight, I had many choices available.  I selected your airline because of the combination of schedule and price offered.  Now, with less than a month before Thanksgiving day, all flights are booked and no acceptable options are available.  Your agent booked us on a later flight, and we will travel at that time.  However, we are extremely disappointed to be arriving late for Thanksgiving dinner with our family, and missing half a day of social activities with people that are only available for that day.  If you’d like to learn more of how I feel about this, please visit my web site at http://www.rdrop.com/~tblackb (note: obsolete address - now use http://www.terryblackburn.us)

As your customer service agent so aptly put it, your company is obligated no further than to put us on your next available flight.  I understand this.  And, had this been a normal weekend, I simply would have accepted your generous offer of a no-penalty refund and booked a flight on another airline.  Had we been traveling on any other day than Thanksgiving day, the five hour adjustment in time would not have been as much a problem, I’m sure.

While this is my first experience on Horizon Airlines, other family members have utilized your service between Jqwojfeqw and Lfqjowpfj.  They have already expressed their disappointment in this turn of events.  Because I recognize the potential of this flight connection for myself and my family I am making this appeal primarily to justify doing further business with your company.  Quality customer service goes beyond ‘obligation’ and recognizes customer expectations in light of extenuating circumstances.


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