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Tiny Planets
Click on the planet to view it in more detail.
Click on the title to see the spherical panorama.

Planet Sonora

Sparsely populated Planet Sonora is home to the mighty Saguaro, as well as multiple varieties of cholla and prickly pear. The wispy tentacles of the ocotillo brush the outer atmosphere.



Planet Portland

Populated by bicycle riding, caffeine-hyped yuppies that insist they'd rather be homeless.


Planet Zion

A rocky, lumpy planet with one waterfall and paved hiking trails.


Planet of the Sun and the Moon

A real moon illuminates the dark side of this planet, while an artificial sun lights the other side.


Spin Cycle

This tiny planet spins at a high rate of speed, swinging a cable out into near orbit.




A hospital on one side of the world, a university on the other side of the world.


Roses are Red

The rose mosaic is reflected in the flowers in the garden


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