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An odd little place...

Once upon a time there was a single page announcing my presence on the internet. Today, many years after that tentative posting in 1996, my personal website has grown to a few hundred megabytes of 'stuff' that garnered more than 100,000 visitors between 2002 and 2004. With that kind of a following, I decided to purchase my own domain and get serious about this whole web thing...

Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:

Whatever strikes your fancy...

Yes, I admit it... I have a somewhat compulsive curiousity that isn't terribly focused anywhere in particular. Sometimes in the process of pursuing my curiosity I come across things I want to share with others. Fortunately, a website is a pretty passive tool so I can't drag you, kicking and screaming into, say, the wonderful world of Fractals, or force you to examine the intracacies of temperament tuning.

Me Visit my DeskCam, find out why this website is here, learn a tiny bit more about me (at your own risk, of course), and read my editorial ramblings.

Photography When I was in college I taught a photography course for one year after the previous instructor of many years retired. Besides enjoying landscape and photomacrography, I understand the importance of photographic theory as well. I started fooling around with 3D photography while in high school, and have a basic knowledge of stereographic theory.

Food I eat, therefore I cook. Here are a few recipes I've 'invented' myself!

Travel Give me my camera and a train/plane/boat/ox cart/bus ticket and I'm good to go!

Music My college degree is in music theory. My music page is probably the most 'serious' part of my website. I've had a few interesting musical experiences. The temperament project demonstrates the concept of temperament tuning. Then browse my catalogue of mostly unperformed pieces I've written.

Fractals I am not a mathematician. I do enjoy delving into some of the fringes of the science, however. Certain aspects of fractals offer opportunities for creative exploration and a bit of a grown up 'coloring book' experience.

I have a weather station that reports current conditions every 15 minutes.

My Grandmother left me a cool postcard collection! Take a quiz on Oregon Geography. My dad is an astrophotographer. You can also visit my dog's old website, or my wife's uncle...

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