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Welcome to the home of
 Raelee Rachmaninov -- Click to display my family tree
[Ch. Samtor Saga of Bullseye (Rogue) x Lone Star Heavenly Sunshine (Sunny)]

Dog in Cyberspace! Hi!  I'm Rocky.  Welcome to my home page.  I'm a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  I was born February 2, 1999 near Salt Lake City, Utah.  I now live near Portland, Oregon.  I like freeze dried liver, long walks, and sunny afternoons.  In my spare time I like to chew.  On anything.  I like people a lot.  I don't like wet grass, playing fetch, or being told 'NO.'  Last time I checked, I weighed 22 pounds (10kg).

On my website you can see pictures of me when I was just a little puppy, when I was a bigger puppy, and now, when I'm a big puppy.  Every few weeks I write a new chapter in my journal and post new pictures.  I hope you enjoy what I've put together.   Thanks for stopping by...


  • Page 1 - This is where it all began - My baby pictures!  I'm the one sleeping on my mommie's face... 
  • Page 2 - 7 to 10 weeks old now - my first journal entry and lots of pictures. 
  • Page 3 - 13 weeks with journal and pictures - Rocky meets the woman of his dreams.
  • Page 4 - Journal - Rocky sings...
  • Page 5 - Pictures and journal - Meet Rocky's evil twin brother, BatDog
  • Page 6 - Journal - Miscellaneous doggie ramblings...
  • Page 7 - Four and a half months with Journal and Pictures - I'm the one walking down the street chewing on a pine cone!
  • Page 8 - Rocky loses a tooth. Picture of Grandpa Rogue from England! 
  • Slide Show - Rocky's first trip to the beach! (07/09/1999)
  • Page 9 - A visit with Aunt Fergie, Rocky answers fan mail, broom and rake safety for pet people...
  • Page 10 - A letter from my sister!
  • Page 11 - Rocky chases his tail, more fan mail...
  • Page 12 - Miscellaneous comments and pictures
  • Page 13 - Party dog, why my nose is so short...
  • Page 14 - Rocky admits to playing fetch!
  • Page 15 - Rocky escapes!
  • Page 16 - Holidays, part 1...
  • Page 17 - Holidays, part 2...
  • Page 18 - Holidays, part 3 - Party animal, trapped!, flying sheep and more FAN MAIL!
  • Rockydog, the Next Chapter...

So, what does the AKC have to say about a Staffordshire Bull Terrier
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